Science Fiction

Anika's Gift

Anika's Gift - cover

Explore the strange new world of Anika with Earth’s first colony ship sent out after the dramatic events depicted in the award-winning book, Over.

It’s humanity’s first settlement on a new world and bizarre events endanger everything. The animals disappear and the plants from Earth are stunted, threatening the survival of the colony. The children are developing new abilities and become aloof. They hear something called The Song that frightens the adults who don’t understand what it means and fear for their children. Follow the young Anikan, Tacey, and her search to understand the changes and to stop the humans from repeating humanity’s atrocities on Earth and destroying their own future.

This intriguing blend of science fiction, philosophy, and spiritualism explores the search for empathy in a world driven by technology, against the solemn backdrop of the song, The Sound of Silence.

Though this could be considered a sequel to the award winning Over, it is more of an independent story set in the same universe.

This novel is now complete, as of July, 2022 and is in the process of being published. It should be available soon in retailers.

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Over - cover

In the middle of the twenty-second century, with the world finally recovering from a century-long mini-dark-age, the love of a young immortal Over and a rebel Under threatens to change the fate of Humanity. As our civilization's future hangs in the balance, an all-knowing AI launches her own plans for the future of mankind.

An intriguing and thought-provoking story about the separation of society that occurs when a small subset of humanity becomes immortal. Cultures collide and the world splits into Overs, who control too much, and Unders, who must fight for freedom. Now, an AI must make use of the forbidden love of two desperate souls to save humankind.

Blue Ribbon Winner of the Cygnus Award for best science fiction of 2017 from Chanticleer Reviews.

BRAG Award Winner of the India B.R.A.G Award.

The Sapiens Project

The Sapiens Project - cover

This is a prequel to the award winning book, Over.

It follows the original Sapiens Project where Demetris runs an initiative to go back in time to the choke point of Human civilization. The intent is to jump start technology, reason, and an appreciation for the health of the planet, with the right set of people. What they find shocks them all and has the potential to destroy Demetrius.

Anika's Children (tentative name)

This is a planned sequel to the award winning book, Over, and to Anika's Gift.

It follows the children of Anika, who return to Earth to help save it from itself (as well as from the Overs and the AI, Aimee).