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Propositum - A Novel

Propositum - cover

This historical novel is about the founding of Christianity, but based on what modern scholars (archaeological and religious) think may have happened. The speculative premise includes the lack of an actual Jesus Christ. As this story goes, an ex-senator of Rome, Proculus, and Paul conspire to create Christianity in order to save the Roman Republic.

It took a couple of years of research to try to find a timeline and feasible storyline that would work with history. Then, another couple of years to write the initial version... only to find out that the story and idea were awesome, but my craft needed work. I then attended the University of Denver graduate MLA program in Creative Writing to hone my skills. After that, I rewrote the book into a professional-level, award winning novel.

Blue Ribbon Winner of the Chaucer Award for best historical fiction of 2013 from Chanticleer Reviews

BRAG Award Winner of the India B.R.A.G Award.

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Award Runner up for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers best novel of the year (mainstream category as they did not have a historical fiction category).


Tamdiu - cover

A sequel to Propositum, this novel tracks Curia Octavius and her grandchildren as they try to continue Proculus' legacy of creating Christianity to return Rome to a form of Republic and to stabalize the country.

Though this project was started and could be considered WIP, it was put on hold in favor of working on the science fiction projects. See my Science Fiction page.